some ideas i've read

The Virtue of Selfishness - Ayn Rand

This author develops a pragmatic philosophy of morality by which the individual is the gatekeeper to the well-being of their immediate existence among others. She is precise in her thought.

12 Rules for Life - Jordan B Peterson

Perhaps one of the greatest minds in the modern era. Peterson's clinical practice has equipped him with understanding the breadth of darkness the human mind is able to wander off to and is able to articulate how the individual has the power to be humanity's devastation or its salvation. He makes a clear case as to how it's under the jurisdiction of the individual, however, to harness this capacity for malevolence and be a light on the world instead of a blight. He is precise in his thought.

The Righteous Mind - Jonathan Haidt

Circumnavigating the great debate between individualism and group ethics, Haidt prominently distinguishes motives behind unconscious bias on either side of the political spectrum. It's enlightening to consider how one's impeccable sense of morality can simply be predicated upon disgust toward another way of life. It makes one wonder whether the validity or even necessity of a particular morality is had to keep one's self interest in tact, or to hold toward others as a beacon of virtue. The former would be an honest approach to a morality, but in and of itself, rightfully, contradicts the idea of collectivist ethics. The latter is the only ingredient to polarize a civilized world.

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