I'd like to share music that I make myself, but it would mean nothing unless I first spent a bit of time sharing the work of musicians I admire.


I'm a big fan of jazz. My introduction to this behemoth music style started with my short-lived obsession with an album of the honkey tonk rockstar, Glenn Miller. Classic big band has played a major influence on my appreciation for playing sax under direction of my first musical educator, John Viavattine, a Rochester heavy hitter. His direction gave me proper introduction to playing with a purpose, though I never did master standard techniques of the horn. One day...

Kirk Whalum was my first saxophonist obsession. Then came Michael Brecker, of course - the standard voice of all modern saxophonists. Then there was Joshua Redman, Kenny Garrett (the real Kenny G), Bob Berg, and lately Bob Reynolds and Chad Lefkowitz-Brown.

Outside of my favorite sax players, I do have other influences. I love the music of Mike Stern, Victor Wooten, Steve Gadd, Marcus Miller, Snarky Puppy, Huntertones ...


I've never really been a fan of pop music. I think possibly ninety nine percent of the people who consider themselves musicians are, in fact, not at all.

With that said, I believe Ed Sheeran to be the greatest musician of our generation.

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