Family Diner

I've played a number of roles in a few different restaurants. Currently, I cook at North Chili Family Restaurant. I'm there for dinners on Tuesdays, Fridays, and Saturdays. Come check us out! Best food in town. Everything's homemade.

Pizza Shop

My first job was with a local pizza shop under the direction of Steve Enos, Spencerport's finest restauranteer. Let me tell you, the guy knows how to run a shop smoothly and keep customers happy. In addition to making pizza from scratch, I'm indebted to Steve for teaching me what it takes to run a shop by maintaining the respect from your crew.

Friendly's Ice Cream

I worked at a couple locations: Buffalo and Syracuse. One of my managers, Louis, was a top notch fella. Every night I'd arrive, "Louis, we gonna have a good night!" - "YEA BABY!" And we did, consistently. I dish washed, cleaned bathrooms, mopped, cleaned, unloaded the delivery truck, and restocked the shop. I don't like seeing this work done half-assed. Most people think they're above it all. I assure you, they're not.

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